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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply genuine military Dog Tags?

Yes. These are the standard Mil-Spec quality tags as supplied to the military. They are stainless steel tags with rolled edge and stainless steel beaded chains with black silencers – please note: other styles are also available and may not necessarily be supplied to the military. All tags have “Embossed” (raised text), this is the most modern and easiest to read text style.

You can also customize your own sets of tags, chains and silencers which can be seen on our ordering page, where you can purchase brass and black oxide tags and chains as well as a variety of different coloured silencers. We only use genuine military dog tag “Embossing” machinery.

How long can I expect for delivery?

We mail almost anywhere in the world at a small cost combining the quickest air mail route and the most reputable freight company for your location. Most deliveries are supplied to you within a few working days (for national deliveries) & 1 – 2 weeks for international deliveries. Deliveries do not include a tracking number.

Can the font style be altered?
We only use genuine military Dog Tag machinery and provide the genuine military font style for all our Dog Tags which is not designed to be altered. Our machinery is designed to have “Embossed” (raised text) on dog tags.
How do we place bulk orders?

Simply email us on [email protected] with your requirements. We’ll need to know:

  • What type of set you require
  • What information you’d like on them
  • How many you require
  • When you will be needing them

We’ll reply to you as soon as we can process this information

Do your customers purchase silencers with the WWII Notched tags?

Most are supplied without silencers due to the “notch”, however we do get asked to supply this style of tag with silencers from time to time so we’ve kept this as an available option.

Custom Dogtags for Personal & Identification Purposes

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